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Schramm: Bilder vom Auftritt am 18.04.12 in der Alten Seilerei in Mannheim im Rahmen des Super Schwarzen Mannheims

Since the late 90ies, Robert Meyer, Ringo Behn and Roman „The Schaule“ Zilski have been out and about non-stop regarding all things music – as solo artists and doing project work with other artist from the EBM, Metal or Punk genre. Back in 2006, to expand their musical foundations, they founded SCHRAMM. They combine synths, special percussions and computers with unusual outfits to present an unorthodox live performance – hard beats, crazy sounds and cynical lyrics all included. SCHRAMM are successful in bridging the genres…whether you’re into old-school EBM, Punk, Electro or Noise, there’s something for you

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